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Director’s Statement

“Loaded Paradise” happened as I was working on a musical about the King James version of the Old Testament. Some of the stories in this book are just – wild. Things you don’t generally hear about in popular Christian culture. At the same time, I was reading a fair amount of Neil Gaiman and Alan Moore, and was really digging their modern interpretations of old gods. Not just modernized versions of old stories, but new stories, with the gods in modern speech, context, etc.

There was a point where the musical was stumping me, Continue reading

Trailer Time

My first trailer! Woo-hoo!

I decided that I’d read up on trailers, and really get my research done, do my due diligence, cross all my “i”s, dot all my “t”s…aaaaand then I just went for it instead.

I did have some guidelines, however. Personal things. For instance: I frickin’ hate it when there’s something in the trailer that isn’t in the movie. Especially when it’s a really cool thing. Yeah, I hate seeing a great joke in a trailer 8 times before I see a movie, because it reduces the impact of the joke when I see the movie. Simple, right? Well, the funny thing is that I hate it even more when the joke in the trailer isn’t in the movie. I’ve been so conditioned to expect Continue reading