“You like me! You really, really like me!”

I ain’t no Sally Field, nor would I wish to be. She’s awesome, but she’s not me. That being said, I think I know some of what she meant in her 1985 Oscar acceptance speech for “Places in the Heart.”

Lately, I’ve been a bit down about the chances that “Loaded Paradise” has at festivals. Don’t get me wrong. It’s at least a pretty good little movie, and possibly even an excellent little movie. The acting’s excellent, the cinematography kicks booty, and the writing’s pretty darned good. Everyone who worked on this project kicked booty on it, and I’m hugely grateful.

And it hasn’t made it into a single festival yet (13 submissions and counting). Continue reading

Our Own, Personal, Jesus

…or, Where the Hell is That Guy!?!

As I know many of our Christian readers can attest, Jesus can be hard to find. Just look around you. Lot’s of folks haven’t found him, and for some, it ain’t for lack of tryin’. Well, we had our own problems with it. And so, too, for us – it weren’t for lack of tryin’.

We knew that we needed to hire someone to get us our actors; to make magic happen between our vision, and the right people to enact it. If you don’t have the right actors for the roles, then it doesn’t matter how good it looks, it doesn’t matter how good it sounds – it doesn’t matter how well it might have been directed. You need actors who A) can really frickin’ act, B) are right for the roles, and C) can play well with others. This is all not, as you might imagine, that easy a task. Continue reading

The People Behind the Paradise

No film is an island. It’s one of the things I love about filmmaking more than any other art form. I have a tendency to sit on my work and not share it. When I’ve got a bunch of fabulous people who have put their own sweat and energy into a project, and want to see it happen, I want them to see it happen too. And for “Loaded Paradise,” that’s these fabulous folks:

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Glen Caspillo
– God
Alfonso Godinez
– Jesus
Amy Crumpacker
– Mother Mary