What is “Meeting the Resistance!” all about?

Ian on the set of "Loaded Paradise," discussing line reads with Jesus (Alfonso Godinez Felix) and God (Glen Caspillo)

Ian on the set of Loaded Paradise, discussing line reads with Jesus (Alfonso Godinez Felix) and God (Glen Caspillo)

Howdy, everybody. Ian Carruthers here. Welcome to my new project, Meeting the Resistance!

Here’s the story:

I’m a writer and filmmaker. Recently, in my “day job” as a videographer, I kinda screwed the pooch. Made some simple, stupid mistakes. Not fun, as you might imagine.

But it gave me something. I had the opportunity to step back, and see whether or not I was on the right path.

Filmmaker? Yep, right path.

Writer? Yep, right path.

Videographer? Yep, still the right path.

But I wasn’t focused enough, I wasn’t on top of my game.

And what will get me on top of my game? To quote Limelight, from the band Rush, I need to “put aside the alienation and get on with the fascination.” It’s time to overcome my own resistance.

Then, my short film, Loaded Paradise, got into a film festival in Montana, as part of a Science Fiction/Fantasy convention called MisCon. (I also have family in town I never get to see – twofer!) I’ve been asked to speak on panels, and present my film not once, but twice.

And the theme of this conference? “The Resistance.”

So I decided to make a movie about my travels to, and experiences at this convention, and about my own travels and experiences as I “put aside the alienation, and get on with the fascination.” I’ll be posting pics, written blogs, and video blogs here.

Welcome to my journey. Welcome to Meeting the Resistance!

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