How do I do all this stuff?!?

Too busy!Howdy, folks.

Last few days have been intense! As some of you know, I’ve got issues with anxiety (among other things). Definitely can help create resistances to feeling good, not stressing out, etc.

I’ve still got a crap-ton of stuff to do before I head off to Montana tomorrow night, and there have been many temptations to yield to anxiety. There’s paid work to do, there’s camera things to learn, there’s a new editing suite to master. There’s Star Trek: Into Darkness to see today!!! And there’s figuring out how the heck I’m going to get all of my equipment on the plane ride home. Whew!

Often, in the past (and less often right now) any smaller number of these things together would just crush me. And I’d probably get grumpy and go off and play video games for too long. Well right about now (although my sleep patterns are pretty wonky), I’m feelin’ pretty good. Movin’ forward, and doing what needs doing.

And the motivation that is this project is keeping me going. Except when I despair and decide we’re all screwed. But I keep going anyway. What else is there? (Which, strangely, is kind of a positive message for me.)

I’ll leave you with a wonderful perspective from my friend, Lee Presson (a super-sweet guy and FUCKING AMAZING performer):

“I picture “The Resistance” as being personified by a single grumpy man.
YOU: Hello Resistance, pleased to meet you.
RESISTANCE: Fuck off!”

Stay tuned, and keep on turnin’ on!!!



Brand New Vlog!

Howdy, all! Here’s the first vlog for Meeting the Resistance!

A short speil from my living room. With a special surprise guest! 😉

Mentioned in the vlog:

  1. Anne Lamott’s “Bird by Bird.”
  2. Stephen King’s “On Writing.”

Thanks so much for all the support and well wishes! Continue reading

What is “Meeting the Resistance!” all about?

Ian on the set of "Loaded Paradise," discussing line reads with Jesus (Alfonso Godinez Felix) and God (Glen Caspillo)

Ian on the set of Loaded Paradise, discussing line reads with Jesus (Alfonso Godinez Felix) and God (Glen Caspillo)

Howdy, everybody. Ian Carruthers here. Welcome to my new project, Meeting the Resistance!

Here’s the story:

I’m a writer and filmmaker. Recently, in my “day job” as a videographer, I kinda screwed the pooch. Made some simple, stupid mistakes. Not fun, as you might imagine.

But it gave me something. I had the opportunity to step back, and see whether or not I was on the right path.

Filmmaker? Yep, right path.

Writer? Yep, right path.

Videographer? Yep, still the right path.

But I wasn’t focused enough, I wasn’t on top of my game. Continue reading

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