The Race to the Starting Line

What an amazing trip. And it’s just started! Here I am, as Jo drops me off


Today was a race to the starting line, folks.

  1. Had to pick up the DSLR rig from the local photo store, Adolph Gasser
  2. Laundry!
  3. Pack.
  4. Beat the cat (no really – he likes it!)
  5. Get to Walnut Creek by 3pm, to meet my ride.

And I made it! (Okay, okay – 3:15. But it worked out fine.)

I got a ride to Napa with my cousin’s mom’s husband – functionally, their dad. (That’s him – Mike – on the right.)


I went to dinner with Mike and his friend Ben. “Benjy” and “Kennedy” (Mike’s last name), they call each other. They’ve been friends for almost 60 years! Got ’em to tell me some stories of their misspent youth: almost drowning in a river, almost going over a ravine in ’53 Chevy…good times. Lovely men, and I’m very happy to be in their company.

A great start to what is shaping up to be a great trip. Hey, I just got told I might have to watch out, or at the Con I’m gonna get swept away to the local Irish pub! “No, no, don’t trow me in dat der brier patch!”

Tons of yay. 😉

Stay tuned!



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