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Educational Materials

The Conch Shell is the shell of a sea snail used by Pacific Islanders, ancient Romans, Caribbean Sea natives and some South Americans as a trumpet. The conch is blown either from the end or from a hole carved into one side. The sound can be changed by placing your hand into the open end of the shell or by changing your lip tension. Shell trumpets have been used for thousands of years for signaling and to accompany dancing. Scientists have recently learned that the material like what the conch is made of can be used in space exploration and for computer parts. Find more info in the June 29, 2000 issue of Nature magazine.
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The Hornman Show provides a great opportunity for learning about musical instruments. That’s pretty obvious! But it’s also a wonderful chance to talk with your class about Geography as you look at all of the places that Mr. Nemoyten’s various horns came from. You can also bring the information into your study of nature as you talk about the Conch Shell or the Shofar and about the various man-made materials used to make more modern instruments like trumpets and tubas. Below you’ll find some suggestions and information to get you started.

Suggested activities:

Locate where the Hornman’s instruments came from on a U.S. map.

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