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Bill was on Jan Wahl’s June 1, 2013 Saturday morning show on KRON TV4 in San Francisco. He was promoting the Golden Gate Park Band Festival. Here’s the clip:

The festival features 11 of the top community bands from around the Bay Area and goes from 11am to 5pm each day.

On Sunday at 1pm, Bill will be conducting the Golden Gate Park Band playing his original piece, The Cuyahoga Valley Suite, written over 50 years ago to honor the beauty of the Cuyahoga Valley in northern Ohio. Then at 4:00 he will be conducting the East Bay Symphonic Band in selections from Les Miserables. Be there to catch this rare opportunity!

For more information about the Golden Gate Park Band Festival, go to Friends of the Golden Gate Park Band.

Have horns, will travel: Hayward collector takes audiences on a musical journey around the world

Friday, November 14, 2008 | by andy altman-ohr

Bill Nemoyten ought to own a van instead of an economy car. Still, the 79-year-old can somehow cram 14 horns inside his little Toyota Echo — along with himself, his wife, Barbara, her wheelchair and an amplifier.

In goes his tuba, his French horn and his shofar.

He adds his 1938 collector’s-item Silvertone trombone and the Czech euphonium he bought in Las Vegas after a down-and-out gambler sold it for airfare back home to Germany.

Don’t forget that brightly painted didgeridoo from Australia.

And, yes, there’s even room for his Alphorn, a 12-foot long, swooping horn — the kind that was made famous in a Ricola cough drops commercial.

“It’s definitely scientific packing,” Nemoyten said of how he loads up his car before one of his gigs. “The hardest part of what I do is the shlepping.”

And what exactly does the two-decade resident of Hayward do?

Title it “Have horns, will travel.”


by Bill Nemoyten

This article appeared in Advance, the magazine of the Association of Concert Bands

It also appears in It All Started with a Trombone ~ The Hornman Memoirs

A few years ago I received an invitation to attend my 50th High School Class reunion. It would involve a trip across the country at substantial expense and would be time consuming at a busy time for me. I thought about it for a while but hadn’t made up my mind. About three weeks before the event, I was contacted by one of the organizers. She urged me to come and then said “I know you were in the school band. You’ll be interested to know that Joe Lanese, your band director is planning on coming.” Continue reading

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