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How to make your own Professor Hoseblaster “HOSE-A-PHONE”


You will need:

  • A new, clean garden hose free of dirt and germs
  • A plastic funnel whose small end will fit into the hose
  • A roll of duct tape or other sturdy tape.
  • Optional: A French horn or trumpet mouthpiece

To make your Hose-a-Phone:

Professor Hoseblaster

  1. Measure and cut a piece of garden hose to a length of 12 feet 3 inches.
  2. Tape the funnel into one end of the hose.
  3. If you can get a mouthpiece, it will be necessary to wrap several layers of tape around the shank of the mouthpiece in order to make a leak-proof connection with the hose. Put it into the other end of the tube. With lots of practice, you will be able to play songs!
  4. If you can’t get a mouthpiece, you can still play several notes.

To play (with or without a mouthpiece):

  1. Put your lips in a smiling position, keeping your teeth covered and your mouth closed.
  2. Force air through your closed lips, making a buzzing sound.
  3. You can get higher and lower notes by tightening and loosening your lips.
  4. Take lots of breath and try to direct the air through the center of your lips at the highest speed you can. Make sure that you place the mouthpiece or hose on your lip so that the air is going into the exact center.

It will take a lot of practice to get long, even, clear tones. However, if you can get a good sound on the Hose-a-Phone, blowing a regular brass instrument will not be difficult.

 Good luck!

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