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The Hornman takes your audience on a fun-filled musical journey with twelve exciting instruments, some very unusual. These include a South Seas Conch Shell, Israeli Shofar, Australian Didgeridoo, Tibetan Ran-Dung, Bugle, Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, Baritone, Tuba, 12 ft. long Swiss Alp Horn and a “Hose-a-Phone”.

The HORNMAN invites the audience to participate by clapping, singing and mimicking the horns while he performs with expertise, artistry and good humor.

The program can be prepared with a minimum of rehearsal with your band. All parts are printed and easy to read. Each of the brass sections is featured including a triple-tongued trio for trumpets.

Bill Nemoyten, a music educator with a lifetime of experience as a professional musician and instrumental music teacher, has created, a unique, one-of-a-kind program suitable for audiences of all ages.

“The Hornman is a Winner!”

Bob Peckham, Windjammers Unlimited

Program Length: 18 to 20 minutes of fun and surprises!

Requirements: Standard band instrumentation and a P.A. system.

Fee: Affordable and negotiable. Please call or email for a quote.

Biographical Information: Bill Nemoyten has performed with and conducted concert, marching, circus and jazz bands, orchestras, combos and ensembles of all kinds in hundreds of places. He regularly performs on and has taught trumpet, trombone, French horn, euphonium and tuba. Bill holds B.A. and M.A. degrees in Music Education and has taught music for thirty- five years.

“Not only is the Hornman a very educational program, but it is a delightful novelty piece that adds a unique dimension to a concert program.”

– Gale Scott, Conductor/Music Director, Naples Florida Concert Band

“As a member of the band, I enjoyed and looked forward to each and every rehearsal and the performance of Bill Nemoyten’s Hornman show.”

– Les Duman, President, Pleasanton California Community Concert Band

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